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Recipe: Black Creek Extra Sharp Cheddar and Pancetta Quiche

I usually make reservations when it comes to meals, although I have been known to go rogue now and then and attempt to cook. More often than not, the recipes I choose are simple comfort dishes that should be edible if not perfect. Quiche doesn’t come to mind when thinking simple, however I felt I was due for a challenge. As it turns out, quiche isn’t so hard with the right ingredients. (recipe after the jump) Continue reading

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Cheesy video sorts out cheese choices

Ever been totally confused when walking in a cheese shop?  Well, the video spoof gurus Rhett & Link have teamed up with Alka-Seltzer and Wisconsin Cheese Mart to create this cheesy (pun totally intended) video to help sort things out. Praise Cheeses!

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It’s Back! Liederkrantz returns after 25 year absence

After a 25 year hiatus, Limburger’s little brother is resurrecting again in Wisconsin. Slightly less funky than Limburger, Liederkranz is said to have a pretty intense odor and is not for the faint of palate.

Liederkranz (pronounced LEE-duhr-krahntz) originated in upstate New York in the late 1800s as a replica of a traditional soft, smelly cheese from Germany that immigrants missed, and could no longer get because it would spoil during shipping. The cheese recipe left New York for Ohio in 1926 before finally finding a new home in Wisconsin, which has an enthusiastic German fan base.

Click the link below for more on the story.

A Pungent return for Liederkrantz

source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Q & A With Hook’s Cheese: More than just aged cheddar

Read any cheese blog or cheese enthusiast magazine (Culture or Cheese Connoisseur) and it is a sure bet there is some mention of Hook’s Cheese 15 year cheddar.  This seriously aged cheese was brought to market back in February of 2009 and has skyrocketed to one of the most sought after and highly praised cheeses in the country.

Prior to all the praise, many had never heard of Tony and Julie Hook.  Who are these pioneers of the cheddar world? Where did they come from? How did this 15 year cheddar come to be?  Is cheddar all Hook’s Cheese has to offer? I had the opportunity to speak with Tony recently and discovered there is a whole lot more to this Wisconsin creamery than cheddar. Continue reading


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