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Recipe: Black Creek Extra Sharp Cheddar and Pancetta Quiche

I usually make reservations when it comes to meals, although I have been known to go rogue now and then and attempt to cook. More often than not, the recipes I choose are simple comfort dishes that should be edible if not perfect. Quiche doesn’t come to mind when thinking simple, however I felt I was due for a challenge. As it turns out, quiche isn’t so hard with the right ingredients. (recipe after the jump) Continue reading

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Love Cheese? There’s an app for that…

iPhone Screenshot 1With the recent announcement of the iPhone 4 that’s due to release later this month, it stands to reason that some of the thousands of new Apple Cult members will be fromagaphiles.

Fortunately,  Slashfood contributor Max Shrem has narrowed the cheese apps down to some of the top picks, however it is by no means the sole count of  what iTunes has to offer (see article after the jump) Continue reading

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