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Cheesy Gift Guide from The House Mouse Part 1 – T-Shirts

Cheesy Christmas t-shirt from Cafepress.com

Cheesy Christmas t-shirt from Cafepress.com

Happy December 1 and welcome to SHOPPING THUNDERDOME! Yes, my cheesy friends, it’s holiday time and with the miracle of Thanksgivukkah coming so late that means we all have even less time franticly figure out what to get Aunt Fran and Cousin Lou for Festivus! Fear not, my fromage-loving fans, for The House Mouse is here to assist. Since my brilliant surgeon has demanded I take it slow and steady, I am using my time wisely to create a cheesy list of turophile gift ideas to share with all of you. Everything from the straight forward  to the obscure, this list will have just about everything and price ranges from stocking stuffer to YOU MUST REALLY LOVE ME!?

Today’s selections are the ever-popular T-shirts  as I like to call them, cheesewear. This list by no means represents the dozens upon dozens of cheese related shirts I found. this year. These are the highlights:

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