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Max McCalman explains why mysterious Blaui Geiss is worth the $78.00 price tag

Blaui Geiss from Artisanal Premium Cheese

As most cheese lovers know, fabulous fromage does not come cheap and with good reason. The care, effort and timing that go into a single wheel of cheese can make the difference between a splendid table cheese and a complete disaster. For the most part, the cost per pound of cheese reflects that quality and care, but sometimes a cheese is so pricey even the most enthusiastic turophile has to ask why. One such cheese is the rare Blaui Geiss ringing in at $78.00 per six-inch wheel. Continue reading

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A Holey Experience: One woman’s visit to Appenzeller

Ever wonder where to go for a truly Swiss-tacular time? Well wonder no more since Annie Scott, avid traveler and writer, has found the Appenzeller nirvana.  Annie recently visited the Appenzeller cheese dairy in Stein, Appenzellerland where she discovered everything a person could ever want to know about this holey (or not so holey as the case may be) fromage.

Check out her article from Gadling travel website for all the cheesy details.


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