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Max McCalman explains why mysterious Blaui Geiss is worth the $78.00 price tag

Blaui Geiss from Artisanal Premium Cheese

As most cheese lovers know, fabulous fromage does not come cheap and with good reason. The care, effort and timing that go into a single wheel of cheese can make the difference between a splendid table cheese and a complete disaster. For the most part, the cost per pound of cheese reflects that quality and care, but sometimes a cheese is so pricey even the most enthusiastic turophile has to ask why. One such cheese is the rare Blaui Geiss ringing in at $78.00 per six-inch wheel. Continue reading

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Francis Lam battles Fromage Fort…and loses


As most readers of The House Mouse know,  this mouse loves her funky fromage.  If it is strong, runny, pungent, and daring, I am all in.  Few cheeses scare me, however,  after reading the article below, I think I may just have to pass on Fromage Forte.

Fromage Fort is French for  “strong cheese” and is created by tossing bits of leftover cheese, herbs and sometimes even wine and letting it sit for a week or longer.  The resulting flavor will vary depending on what remnants are melded and how long it is left to cure. Unfortunately for Francis Lam, his concoction of curds was not a match made in heaven.

“Fromage Fort: The cheese that tried to kill me” by Francis Lam

article in Salon.com

photo courtesy of  aftouch-cuisine.com

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Quick Taste: Wildspitz Bio

Whenever I visit Morgan and York specialty food and wine shop in Ann Arbor, I always ask “What’s new?” and am rarely disappointed. This recent trip was no exception.

Wildspitz Bio is a funky blend of cow and goat milk with an intense nutty taste.  Subtle at first, the flavor builds toward the back of the tongue and continues to become more assertive with each bite.

As with most semi-strong cheeses, I would recommend staying clear of any citrus or highly acidic fruits when eating this fun-sounding cheese. Pair with just about any red wine or dark beer and perhaps some salty almonds or cashews.

Wildspitz Bio is an elusive cheese, so be sure to grab it when found as it is a  wonderful substitute for the standard Swiss selection on any cheese plate.

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Yeeehaaw!!! Cowgirl Creamery ropes me in.

I finally got the chance to taste Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk and it was well worth the wait.  To be fair, I had been offered chances on numerous occasions but hesitated because the web was saturated with high praise and I figured one more review would be one too many. After tasting the washed-rind triple-cream round of goodness, its clear that no amount of praise is enough for this flavor-bomb of fromage. Continue reading


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That’s some strong cheese!

I know I’m a bit late to the party on this video from Nolan’s Cheese, but I would be doing a disservice to you, my loyal readers if I didn’t post it. Fair warning, it starts off a bit freaky, but hang on, little tomatoes. Trust me…

I wonder if this cheese will be banned at the Olympics as an enhancement drug.

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