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Super Bowl Homage to Fromage!

As we all know, this Sunday the Green Bay Packers will go cheese head to head with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m not much of a football fan, but I can’t help being a bit excited for this years games for two reasons. First, I’m a Clevelander and I would love to see the Steelers lose, just cuz. Second, I love Wisconsin cheese whenever cheese can stand alone on top, I’m for it.

There are those who are pretty psyched for the game, especially those Packer fans. Some go to pretty amazing lengths to show team spirit and Mary VanderLeest of Minneapolis is no exception. She and her neighbor, Curtis Johnson constructed a gigantic snow wedge of Swiss on her front lawn in honor of the Packers.

Check out the video here for the full story. Go Cheese! I mean, Packers!

Homage to Fromage


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