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Cheesy Gift Guide From The House Mouse Part 4 – Cheese Knives & Boards

Mice Cheese Knife Set from first Christmas with The Hubby's family

Mice Cheese Knife Set from first Christmas with The Hubby’s family

My very first Christmas with The Hubby and his family, I received a bunch of cheese-centric gifts from just about everyone and was touched by their thoughtfulness. I loved each item and the person who took the time and care to find them for me. It had nothing to do with how much they cost, or where they came from, it was all about the heart and love that went into the gift. I was the new girl, the crazy cheese-loving stranger in their home who they didn’t know from anyone, yet they knew one thing: I loved cheese. And they love cheese too, which made finding gifts a bit easier. So what is an easy gift for that cheese lover on the list? The one thing no fromage freak can ever have too much of? Cheese knives and boards! I know it’s getting late for Christmas shopping and the weather outside is pretty darn frightful, but these suggestions are easy and probably available right in that neighborhood gift shop you’ve walked by a dozen or so times and never stopped in. Well, why not stop in today? Continue reading

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