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Happy New Year! Kosher-Friendly Cheeses from Cypress Grove

Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown tonight and millions of Jews around the world will celebrate the coming of year 5771. The typical way to begin the high holidays is to have something sweet after services and then have a huge holiday feast, usually on the kosher side. For such family gatherings, it falls to me to bring the cheese. While I love my heritage and respect the traditions and laws, I have to say…I HATE parve cheese. Parve cheese is kosher-accepted cheese, sometimes made from soy rather to insure no animal rennet mixes with dairy, a big kosher no-no. I appreciate the effort, but the flavor of this kosher concoction is rather unpleasant and the texture is more like oil than cheese. So, what’s a good Jew to do? Fortunately, there are cheeses made with vegetable rennet and while they aren’t technically kosher, these cheeses are Rosh Hashanah friendly. Continue reading

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