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Quick Taste: Wildspitz Bio

Whenever I visit Morgan and York specialty food and wine shop in Ann Arbor, I always ask “What’s new?” and am rarely disappointed. This recent trip was no exception.

Wildspitz Bio is a funky blend of cow and goat milk with an intense nutty taste.  Subtle at first, the flavor builds toward the back of the tongue and continues to become more assertive with each bite.

As with most semi-strong cheeses, I would recommend staying clear of any citrus or highly acidic fruits when eating this fun-sounding cheese. Pair with just about any red wine or dark beer and perhaps some salty almonds or cashews.

Wildspitz Bio is an elusive cheese, so be sure to grab it when found as it is a  wonderful substitute for the standard Swiss selection on any cheese plate.

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Review: Ascutney Mountain

The first day of spring may be a couple of days away, but the flavor of spring has already arrived in the form of Ascutney Mountain from Cobb Hill Cheese.

Produced in the aptly named Hartland, Vermont, this raw cow’s milk cheese is so fresh and earthy, images of green pastures pop into your head thanks to its grassy notes. Made in the alpine style, Ascutney Mountain has a clean, hard rind and a smooth semi-firm interior with a stunning dandelion-yellow color. As it ages, the sweetness turns to nutty goodness and it’s like eating a completely different cheese. Continue reading

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