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Self-proclaimed “Cheesiest Place On Earth” aims for Olympic gold

While Olympic athletes may not be chowing down on gooey, greasy, golden grilled cheese sandwiches, visitors to Vancouver, and more specific Squamish, Canada are flocking to Grilled Fromage Diner. The self-proclaimed “cheesiest place on earth” grilled cheese diner has a sandwich for anyone’s cheese taste. From the basic “Missionary” sandwich made with butter and Kraft singles to the “High Roller” made with lobster, smoked gruyere, garlic butter on sourdough, there are a total of 57 varieties to devour with a side of cheese puffs.

Colin Bush opened his kitchy diner in October 2009 with modest traffic but perfect timing regarding the countdown to the Olympic rush from Whistler, Vancouver.  Now open for “brekkie” and offering croissant sandwiches business should be booming.

Reviews have been on the positive side regarding taste and ambiance (a smattering of nostalgia on every wall) pricing and overwhelming offerings may leave some patrons wishing they had just cooked at home. Pricing varies from about $4.00 for the “Missionary” to over $15.00 for the “High Roller”.  For more on the Grilled Fromage, click on the link below.

Vancouver Sun

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Quarky Olympic cheese cure

I have always said that cheese is the best cure to make a person feel great and it looks as though doctors in Austria agree. When World Cup downhill skiing winner, Lindsey Vonn hyperextended her shin last Tuesday during training, Austrian doctors opted to treat her with Topfen, or Quark as it is commonly known, rather than more conventional treatments. Topfen is a fresh, no-age cheese eaten with fruit like yogurt in many European countries. Vonn was adamant that no x-rays were to be done, but was willing to entertain any other treatment options to get her in tip top form for this winter’s Olympics in Vancouver.  How the cheese is being used for Vonn’s therapy is not really clear.
I am wishing her all the best with her recovery and look forward to learning more about this interesting treatment. Click the link below for more on this story

The Vancouver Sun


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That’s some strong cheese!

I know I’m a bit late to the party on this video from Nolan’s Cheese, but I would be doing a disservice to you, my loyal readers if I didn’t post it. Fair warning, it starts off a bit freaky, but hang on, little tomatoes. Trust me…

I wonder if this cheese will be banned at the Olympics as an enhancement drug.

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