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Cheesy Gift Guide From The House Mouse Part 3 – Gadgets

mice and cheese light courtesy of the Birmingham Mail

mice and cheese light courtesy of the Birmingham Mail

It’s December 15th, which means ten days until Christmas (it also means Psych: the Musical is on tonight at 9pm on the USA Network, but that’s a whole different kind of cheese and I digress) so shopping for that cheese lover just kicked in to overdrive. Have no fear, because The House Mouse is here with Cheesy Gift Guide #3 which has some pretty cool gadgets. As most readers know, I prefer to shop local, keeping dollars within the community, however time is of the essence so I will be including prices and links here to sites that have expedited shipping, although I make no promises for holiday miracles. Should timing become an issue, I suggest a House Mouse tradition of placing a picture of the gift inside a box and then putting that box inside another box and so on and so on and so on. Include a note letting the recipient know their gift is en route to their home, which may be appreciated even more if the gadget is particularly large or heavy. And away we go!

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