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Cheesy Gift Guide From The House Mouse Part 2 – Books


Books have always been a huge part of my life – my parents encouraging my reading with trips to the library and bookstore on a weekly basis. I’ll never forget the time my mom got an angry call from my fourth grade teacher complaining about my refusal to participate in recess activities in order to sit under a tree with my new copy of I, Trissy by Norma Fox Mazer. My mother didn’t even respond. She just hung up the phone, came right up to the school (only four blocks away), sat down under the tree with me with her own book, glared up at the teacher and then proceeded to read right along with me. I thought my teacher was going to spit nails, but she just crossed her arms and stomped off. A great memory for sure, and yet another reason books have always been one of my favorite gifts to receive. Cheese books have become a particular passion now that I’m older and can appreciate them, and this year’s batch of fromage reads is pretty snazzy. I will admit to only owning one on my list of book gifts so should anyone wish to play secret cheesy Santa.

Okay, here we go for Cheesy Gift Guide Part 2 – Books: 

A quick note: all titles are available on both amazon.com and bn.com, however I encourage everyone to seek out local bookstores or click on the links to the websites and purchase directly from the author or the link. Shop local and support the community. If you want to buy big box and use a discount, head out to your local Barnes & Noble brick and mortar and save a job like mine. Alright, preaching done. Here we go!

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It’s time for lunch! How about some Mac & Cheese?

<i>2824 W. Armitage Ave.; 773-687-8148</i><br> <br> Everyone knows meat is the star at a barbecue joint. But Brand BBQ attempts to elevate its side of mac 'n' cheese ($2.50) with a sprinkling of burnt ends — bits of brisket point double-smoked about 17 hours, the last two in classic barbecue sauce.<br> <br> The ends (about 10 or so the size of Bac-Os) top the dish, along with shredded gouda cheese, and add crunch and smokiness. But the cheddar and gouda sauce has a kick of its own, with white pepper and cayenne. Still, there seemed to be more elbow macaroni  than cheese sauce in the tiny ramekin. The sauce is a bit enigmatic; it's not wet or creamy but not quite dry either.<br> <br> <B>Verdict:</B> Opt for the awesome pulled duck sandwich here, which includes a side for lunch. Note: The burnt-ends mac is not offered as a side on the lunch menu. I requested it and was assessed a $1 up-charge that I wasn't told about until the bill arrived.

(Tribune photo by Lauren R. Harrison)

Nothing says comfort food quite like good ol mac & cheese.  Not just for school lunches anymore, this favorite of grownups and kids alike satisfies even the most finicky fromage fan.

Chicago Tribune reporter, Lauren R. Harrison, has gathered together some of the tastiest and most innovative mac & cheese dishes in town. From truffle infused to creative pizza, these dishes will leave one hungry for more.

6 creative mac ‘n’ cheese dishes

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