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“It’s Okay to be Smart” about Cheese Science with Joe Hanson


Ever wonder how cheese came to be cheese? A happy accident of science (plus an extended camel trek), of course!

Seven Styles of Cheese from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

Joe Hanson, host of the PBS Digital Studio web series and popular blog “It’s Okay to be Smart”, wanted to learn more about the Cheesy Science of fromage so he stopped by for a visit at Antonelli’s Cheese in Austin, TX.  Cheesemonger, Kara Chadbourne was a good sport to put up with the cheese puns as she schooled Hanson on the chemistry of enzymes and molds which help turn milk into cheese. Check out the video above and to learn more fun science facts, be sure to subscribe to “It’s Okay to be Smart” on YouTube and Hanson’s blog here.

Stay Cheesy!




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