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Popular Art History Teacher and YouTube Guru Takes European Sabbatical to Learn the Art of Cheese

While most middle school kids take naps, send tweets, or just space out during art history, the students in Mr. James Earle’s classroom are not just learning the differences between Baroque and Renaissance art, but how to create art themselves through video production. Amor Sciendi (roughly translated to mean love knowing or love knowledge?)  began in 2010 as lesson plans, collaboratively created with Kate and Gavin Nelson as well as students through Curious.comto make art history accessible and fun for kids. Formerly with the Ross School in East Hampton, New York and now with the AltSchool in San Francisco, California, Earle’s quirky delivery and straight-talk approach seems to be working and even the folks at YouTube have taken notice, naming Earle YouTube’s 2012 EDU Guru.

Already having a degree in Renaissance History from the University of London, Earle’s thirst for knowledge was still unquenched. This past year, Earle took a break from teaching to study and earn an MS in Gastronomical Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy with an apparent focus on the art of cheese. His adventures are being documented for Amor Sciendi in a three-part series, the first being Cheese and Terrior (meaning soil,  land or country the cheese is made). Be sure to subscribe to the channel to see all three videos, the next being Cheese and Love ending with Cheese and Death.

Stay Cheesy, Mr. Earle!


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Wheel-crackin’ and cheese snackin’ at Whole Foods

It will be a crack for the record books this Saturday, February 27th,  at Whole Foods throughout the country. At 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time, over 300 cheesemongers will simultaneously crack into 85lbs wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano in an attempt to break their 2008 Guinness world record.  Spectators will be treated with cheese samples, cooking demonstrations, wine pairing suggestions, and even some wine tasting (where allowed). Continue reading

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Buffalo mozzarella mayhem in Italy (again)…

Italy’s prized Buffalo mozzarella is once again thrown into a negative light after the Italian food police found 25% of the samples from Campania had been cut with cow’s milk.  An embarrassment at the very least, and a heavy blow to a cheese still recovering from a cancer scare due to high levels of dioxin found at several dairy farms outside Naples back in 2008.  According to the National Post, Italy’s Agriculture Ministry has ordered the supervision of producing the cheese for the next three months to ensure requirements are met and no contamination occurs.

Buffalo mozzarella is produced throughout Italy, however, the Italian city of Aversa, Caserta is recognized as the origin of this prized cheese.   Italy produces around 33,000 tonnes ($430 million dollars worth)  of its trademark mozzarella from buffalo milk every year, with 16 percent sold abroad, mostly in the European Union. France and Germany are the main importers but sales have been expanding in Japan and Russia. This recent scandal could irreparably damage the industry and the Campania region.

Read more about this breaking story at the National Post.

Story reported by Ella Ide, Reuters

Photo source: tripadvisor.com


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