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As if Glee wasn’t heavenly enough…Praise Grilled Cheesus!


Hello. My name is Robin and I am…a Gleek. Yes, House Mouse fans, it is true that every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm I Gleek Out with the Fox show Glee. I have even converted my boyfriend and children into the fold. Why am I admitting to this? Well, this Tuesday night Glee enters into the world of fromage in the form of a grilled cheese Jesus. Praise Cheesus!

Hunky quarterback and glee club co-captain, Finn, makes a magical grilled cheese sandwich with the Holy Ghost possibly imprinted in the bread. This revelation causes those around Finn to question their own faith and look to the power of Joan Osborne with a rendition of “One of Us“. I don’t want to give too much away, but for all the die-hards out there who just want a small taste, check out the video below.

Update: revised video added below.


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Mystery New Yorker doles out the grilled cheese goodness

Image from the Facebook page Bread.Butter.Cheese

Psst…hey buddy! Want some grilled cheese? Okay, so it doesn’t really go down like that, but a rogue New Yorker called Ronnie has been doling out the gooey goodness via text. Hungry customers text in their orders and Ronnie makes arrangements to meet them on a street corner for the drop off.

Daily selections are posted on the Facebook page Bread.Butter.Cheese

For obvious reasons, Ronnie has a strict a privacy policy, even remaining cloaked in darkness on a recent appearance of the “Today” show.

For more on the mysterious food mover, click the links below.

New York’s Sordid Underground Grilled Cheese Sandwich-Trade

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Self-proclaimed “Cheesiest Place On Earth” aims for Olympic gold

While Olympic athletes may not be chowing down on gooey, greasy, golden grilled cheese sandwiches, visitors to Vancouver, and more specific Squamish, Canada are flocking to Grilled Fromage Diner. The self-proclaimed “cheesiest place on earth” grilled cheese diner has a sandwich for anyone’s cheese taste. From the basic “Missionary” sandwich made with butter and Kraft singles to the “High Roller” made with lobster, smoked gruyere, garlic butter on sourdough, there are a total of 57 varieties to devour with a side of cheese puffs.

Colin Bush opened his kitchy diner in October 2009 with modest traffic but perfect timing regarding the countdown to the Olympic rush from Whistler, Vancouver.  Now open for “brekkie” and offering croissant sandwiches business should be booming.

Reviews have been on the positive side regarding taste and ambiance (a smattering of nostalgia on every wall) pricing and overwhelming offerings may leave some patrons wishing they had just cooked at home. Pricing varies from about $4.00 for the “Missionary” to over $15.00 for the “High Roller”.  For more on the Grilled Fromage, click on the link below.

Vancouver Sun

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