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Paris Cheese Photo Slideshow: Fromagers, Fromageries, and a Lesson Learned in Travel

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When I found out I would be taking my first trip to Paris, I was excited and a bit nervous. Sure, there would be all the amazing cheese, bread, pastries, and chocolates to try, but Paris is big. REALLY big. For someone with crowd issues (which I have) this can be a terrifying experience. I talked with a few of my francophile friends and they assured me that, unlike New York or Chicago where the streets are jam-packed with people all the time, Paris feels busy, but not suffocating. This was a good thing since I enjoy exploring new places. Once I settled into my hotel, I set off  with my list of fromageries from cheese connoisseur Susan Sturman, Rick Steve’s Paris 2014 guidebook & Streetwise Paris map in hand, and immediately got lost. Seriously. This was actually a good thing since my getting lost lead me to my first fromagerie, Cheese.
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November 3, 2014 · 11:04 am

Quick Bite: Cypress Grove Fog Lights

Looking for a cheese that will satisfy both casual curd consumers and true turophiles? Cypress Grove Fog Lights shines a clear path to any cheeseboard.

Like its more famous brother, Humboldt Fog, Fog Lights uses a layer of carbonized vegetable ash on the rind, giving the small wheel a cake-like appearance. Beneath the surface is where this cheese takes on a life of its own. As it reaches room temperature, the outer paste becomes soft and runny while the center remains light and pillowy in texture.

The goaty flavors are light yet complex on the tongue. From the rind’s earthy mushroom overtones to the bright, grassy taste of the gooey first layer and finally the zesty, lemon tang of the middle, Fog Lights really delivers. Not too assertive for the more timid taster, yet shows great character for the more bold bite. Easily the black dress of cheeses for any occasion.

Pair with seasonal apples, a sliced baguette, and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

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