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Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters fire the Cheese Cannon

Those wacky guys from Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters spend their days tackling the craziest of myths and either proving or disproving their validity. Star busters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage use science, history, and ingenuity to recreate popular myths submitted by viewers and come up with some pretty amazing results. In Season 7, they were presented with a cheesy fable from the high seas and had cohorts Tory, Kari, and Grant put it to the test. 

The myth states that in 1847, Commodore Coe of the Uruguayan navy, short of ammunition, defeated the navy of Argentina by bombarding them with cheese cannon balls made of Edam. While Edam is a tasty cheese, it is a bit on the soft side so the team decided to include two other, harder, and period accurate fromage favorites; Smoked Gouda and Garrotxa. Which selection was top cheese? Check out the video below for the answer.



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Recipe: Ten-Tacular Mac and Cheese

As a cheese blogger, I often find my refrigerator littered with remnants of cheesy goodness. Too tiny to serve, too misshapen to photograph, and too good to throw away (not to mention too expensive) I would rack my brain thinking of what to do with all this fabulous fromage. Thank goodness for Bobby Flay!

Let me explain. I am a Food Network junkie so I was pretty stoked when Throwdown with Bobby Flay was a mac and cheese battle. Delilah Winder, Oprah’s favorite mac and cheese maker, put her seven-cheese creation up against Bobby’s five-cheese carbonara. I won’t spoil it and tell who won, but I will say that the upscale recipe from Mr. Flay gave me a great idea.  Why not use my remnants and make my own upscale mac and cheese? Continue reading


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Review: La Clochette Chevre Affinee rings a bell

Image: Picnics Fine Foods

Since I am not a chef (or even decent cook, for that matter) my contribution to the holiday festivities is that I always bring the cheese board. While this may seem like a cop-out of a task, it’s not easy finding complimentary cheeses that will please all palates.  Milk types, pate color and flavor intensity all come into play when making selections.

This Independence Day, I went with a fully represented board of the four top milk choices: cow, sheep, goat, and even buffalo.  While all the selections were hits, the goat’s milk  La Clochette was the clear winner of the bunch. Continue reading


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Blue Moo…mysterious blue mozzarella surfaces in Italy

Buffalo mozzarella cheese is prepared at a dairy in Caserta, near Naples

Franco Castano', File FILE - In this March 21, 2008 file photo, Buffalo mozzarella cheese is prepared at a dairy in Caserta, near Naples.

While blue cheese is not unusual, mozzarella should never be the color of the sky. Unfortunately for some consumers in Italy, blue is exactly what they got. Continue reading

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Love Cheese? There’s an app for that…

iPhone Screenshot 1With the recent announcement of the iPhone 4 that’s due to release later this month, it stands to reason that some of the thousands of new Apple Cult members will be fromagaphiles.

Fortunately,  Slashfood contributor Max Shrem has narrowed the cheese apps down to some of the top picks, however it is by no means the sole count of  what iTunes has to offer (see article after the jump) Continue reading

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Francis Lam battles Fromage Fort…and loses


As most readers of The House Mouse know,  this mouse loves her funky fromage.  If it is strong, runny, pungent, and daring, I am all in.  Few cheeses scare me, however,  after reading the article below, I think I may just have to pass on Fromage Forte.

Fromage Fort is French for  “strong cheese” and is created by tossing bits of leftover cheese, herbs and sometimes even wine and letting it sit for a week or longer.  The resulting flavor will vary depending on what remnants are melded and how long it is left to cure. Unfortunately for Francis Lam, his concoction of curds was not a match made in heaven.

“Fromage Fort: The cheese that tried to kill me” by Francis Lam

article in Salon.com

photo courtesy of  aftouch-cuisine.com

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UK Cheese Tour: Criffel

When visiting a foreign country, it makes sense to taste foods that can only be found there. This especially goes for cheese since the U.S has such strict regulations regarding raw milk aging , some truly amazing products never see our shores. Such is the case with Loch Arthur’s Criffel. Continue reading

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