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The Quest For the Perfect Holiday Cheese Board

Rush Creek Reserve from Uplands Cheese Company

Holiday meals can be very stressful, especially for those who have yet to master even the most basic of cooking skills. It would stand to reason that going to someone else’s home and having them do the cooking would be less of a burden, but then comes the age-old question of what to bring. The usual answer when asked is “Oh, nothing. Maybe a bottle of wine or a side, but we’re good. Thanks.” While I appreciate not having to enter Kitchen Stadium, which is what occurs in my boyfriend’s family kitchen every holiday, I still want to contribute to the meal. Thus begins the painstaking task of putting together a cheese board that will stand up to three kinds of turkey (smoked, roasted and confit) and side dishes fit for the cover of Food and Wine Magazine. Continue reading

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Have Cheese Will Travel! Moving with Cheese

Photo of Little Chef from Ratatouille

The Mouse is packing up and moving to a new city. While a change of scene is exciting, thinking of safe transport of all the cheese in the fridge has been a bit nerve-wracking. The House Mouse is looking for suggestions for wrapping and transporting various varieties of cheese without stinking up the entire moving truck.

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Cheese snuffs out cigarettes at commissaries

Image: Stars and Stripes

An iconic early photos of one of our nation’s military men depicts a war-ridden soldier smirking at the camera with a cigarette dangling precariously from his lips. Soldiers like our tobacco-toting friend were the heroes of their day, America’s role models and protectors.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and the world’s view of smoking has changed dramatically. As it’s no longer cool to take that drag of smoke, soldiers have evidently turned to a new addiction – cheese! According to the government’s Defense Commissary Agency, cheese wedged out cigarettes by over one million dollars in sales over the past year, making it the number one item sold in military commissaries. Why the turn from smokes to Stilton? Good question.
For more on this cheesy victory, check out the article from Karen Jowers of the Navy Times here.

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Daniel Delaney answers the question “What is cheese?”

photo By Tammy Camp

It’s easy to take cheese for granted. To accept it at taste value, as it were, and not question where the whole idea of fermented milk products came from. Thanks to Daniel Delaney, creator and host of the weblog “WTF: What’s this Food” we have the answer.

Delaney began his food career in college, even doing an entire thesis on street food in New York City.  From there, the independent food media producer and entrepreneur created VendrTV, a weekly weblog devoted to the street food of New York and gained national media attention. Continue reading

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Say What? Culture Magazine’s straight talk on cheese names

Ever fall in love with a cheese only to be completely stumped on how to pronounce the name? Well, rejoice fellow fromagophiles because Culture Magazine has created a brief and entertaining video to break it all down for us. Stay Cheesy!


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Happy Cheesy Valentine’s Day with Couer de Neufchatel

It’s Valentine’s Day! Do you have a gift for that special cheesy somebody? Flowers and candy are fine, but if an impression is what you seek, look no further than your local cheesemonger’s case for some Coeur de Neufchatel.

Almost as old as love itself, Coeur de Neufchatel has been around since the 6th century and got its heart shape from lovesick French farm maidens during the Hundred Year War  who gave their hearts to the fighting soldiers.

This AOC French cheese comes from a Normandie breed of cow, which may not be all sexy and romantic, but it does aide to the unique flavor which any cheese lover will enjoy. Coeur de Neufchatel is crumbly than creamy with a mushroomy flavor that wafts in the mouth without being over powering, although it can be left to age for a more intense taste. Grab a crusty French baguette, some hearty Cabernet, and some tart berries and you have an appetizer for love.

Whatever your plans, have a Happy Cheesy Valentine’s Day!


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Formal cheese service at L’Albatros starts the New Year right

Formal Cheese Service at L'Albatros Brassierie and Bar

Nothing says “Happy New Year” to a true turophile like a plethora of cheese. Thanks to Brandon Chrostowski, fromager and General Manager at L’Albatros Brasserie and Bar here in Cleveland, Ohio, The Mouse started this year off with a major “Hello 2011!”. Fifteen luxurious cheeses ready for the tasting was almost too beautiful to believe, yet there they were in all it’s creamy, milky glory. Continue reading

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The House Mouse turns 1 and gets some cheesy gifts for the holidays

It is hard to believe that The House Mouse is a year old this past week. What started out as a hobby and passion for cheese has turned into a fabulous fromage adventure. Thank you all for being so loyal and supportive. I could not have done this without you.

I especially thank my family who have been so encouraging this year, although it could be that they just wanted me bring cheese whenever I visit.  One thing they did notice was my sad state of serving dishes and cheese knives. Well, they sure made up for that this holiday season by showering the mouse with fun fromage toys for the new year. Check out my haul after the jump! Continue reading


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Best New Cheeses of 2010: SF Weekly and Gordon Edgar count them down

American cheesemakers have been hard at work bringing new and exciting cheeses to market this year. The art of creating even the most tried and true cheeses are a test to even the most experienced artisan. Attempting new formulas, flavor combinations, and aging processes can bring about hundreds of heartache before that perfect melding is achieved.

Gordon Edgar, cheesemonger at San Francisco’s Rainbow Market, fellow cheese blogger,  and author of Cheesemonger, Life on the Wedge, counts down some of this year’s fabulous fromage newbies as a guest cheese blogger for the SF Weekly. Making the list is one of my personal favorites, Rush Creek Reserve. While we may disagree on how stellar this cheese is (I think it’s spot on fabulous while Gordon feels it’s still a work in progress) his list seems spot on in choosing this year’s stand outs.

You can read the article in it’s entirety here and be sure to check out Gordon’s blog at gordonzola.net. Don’t see that favorite new cheese on the list? Give The Mouse a shout and let us know!

Stay Cheesy!

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Panko Crusted Cheesy Risotto Balls Had Me At Hello

It is rare that I fall in love with food at first bite. Sure I have loved meals from time to time, raved about them to my friends and family, even made pals with the chef just so I could order a particular special dish off menu whenever I wanted. All that being said, only one item has ever brought me to the point of obsession and that is the Cheesy Risotto Balls from the Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It’s crazy, I know, but these delectable delights had me at hello and never let go. The perfect balance of Parmesan cheese and creamy risotto would render me speechless. Then, to my horror, they were gone. Months went by with the same excuse that my food favorite had been a seasonal item and would possibly be back in the fall. What is seasonal about risotto, cheese, and panko breadcrumbs? I decided to do the unthinkable…make them myself. Continue reading

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