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Cooking Channel’s Ask Aida Gets Cheesy

Image from cookingchanneltv.com

Since taking over the Fine Living Network spot, the Cooking Channel has been cranking out great programming featuring straight forward, engaging, and easy  to follow directions to making tasty meals. Unlike their sister channel, Food Network, Cooking Channel’s lineup delivers more direction than entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Food Network, but I really appreciate being taken step-by-step through my cooking adventures. One of the shows I particularly enjoy and learn quite a bit from is Ask Aida and today’s episode was right up my alley. Cheese Please!

From the Blueberry-Lemon Cheese Blintzes to the No Recipe Recipe: Grilled Blue Cheese and Fruit, these simple and accessible recipes got my mouth watering. Missed today’s cheesy episode? Have no fear. It airs again on September 13, 2010 at 4:30 PM and September 20, 2010 at 9:00 AM.

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Recipe: Ten-Tacular Mac and Cheese

As a cheese blogger, I often find my refrigerator littered with remnants of cheesy goodness. Too tiny to serve, too misshapen to photograph, and too good to throw away (not to mention too expensive) I would rack my brain thinking of what to do with all this fabulous fromage. Thank goodness for Bobby Flay!

Let me explain. I am a Food Network junkie so I was pretty stoked when Throwdown with Bobby Flay was a mac and cheese battle. Delilah Winder, Oprah’s favorite mac and cheese maker, put her seven-cheese creation up against Bobby’s five-cheese carbonara. I won’t spoil it and tell who won, but I will say that the upscale recipe from Mr. Flay gave me a great idea.  Why not use my remnants and make my own upscale mac and cheese? Continue reading


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gidi about cheese souffle…kinda

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli from  Food Network raved about a cheese souffle from the Florida restaurant La Goulue Bal Harbour that left me craving this fluffy, cheesy goodness to the point of distraction. Unfortunately, there are few restaurants in Cleveland that serve this sensitive and delicate dish so I was left to my own devices. The mere thought of attempting to create my own souffle from scratch sends chills up my spine (if you read my mac and cheese post, you have seen my pedestrian cooking skills). Imagine my elation when I happened upon the Entree Food Co. “gidi about cheese” souffle at Whole Foods! Parmesan cheese and farmhouse cheddar souffles with no fuss? I am all in. Continue reading

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Fat Free Fromage Blanc is FABULOUS!

Despite the recent articles touting  greater weight loss  from eating whole milk cheeses, indulging in favorites like Camembert (11.6 grams of fat per oz) or a schmeer of cream cheese on a bagel (10 grams of fat per oz) can potentially pack on the pounds.  Take heart, fellow cheese lovers, for I have found a tasty cheese that contains…wait for it…ZERO grams of fat yet has full fat taste! Fromage blanc is a French-style cheese similar to creme fraiche or yogurt in texture with the tang of sour cream. While relatively common in France, it may be more difficult to obtain in the US. Check the local Whole Foods or gourmet market dairy sections.  Be sure to buy it with the intent of immediate use as it does go bad rather quickly and at $4 for 8oz, it isn’t cheap. Continue reading


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Food Network “Best Thing I Ever Ate” is all Cheesy!

Just a quick note to let everyone know about the new episode of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on cable’s Food Network. It’s  all about cheese! Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli talks about a cheese souffle made at La Goulue Bal Harbour in Bal Harbour. Florida that looks just sinful.  I just want to hop a plane south right now! Tune in January 19th at 9:30 or check local listings repeat showings.  Tune in and let me know which one you think looks the best!

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