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UK Cheese Tour: Flower Marie

There is something about a lonely last wedge of cheese in a shop that draws me in. Maybe it’s because it looks so sad hanging out amongst the larger wheels or possibly because it means this particular cheese is so popular it’s  selling out fast.  Whatever the reason, I usually feel compelled to buy that last bite regardless of taste and throw caution to the wind. Fortunately, Flower Marie did not disappoint. Continue reading

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UK Cheese Tour: Lunch!

Besides the castles, the churches, the bagpipes and the cashmere galore, I was most excited to visit the local cheese shops here in Scotland. With all the sheep and cows we passed on the road from Manchester to Edinburgh, I figured there had to be tons of cheesemongers for me to buy from. As it turns out, there are exactly two. Yes, only two, but that was all I needed to make a proper Scottish lunch.

Well, to be honest, I am not sure this is an actual Scottish lunch, but it is the perfect one for me.  From the top, I have a small wedge of Flower Marie, an even smaller wedge of Criffel, Comte AOC, and Landana aged goat’s milk. Paired with some charcuterie and a variety of breads and I am all set.

More on the shops and the cheese later, but for now it’s time to eat.  Praise Cheeses!

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