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Followup: Stinking Bishop elusive no more

For over two years, I have been on the hunt for my favorite cheese, Stinking Bishop. I badgered my cheesemongers, scoured the Internet and made several futile attempts to contact Neal’s Yard, all to no avail. Then I met Samantha, the cheese and charcuterie buyer for Cheese Plus in San Francisco, California. Well, actually I spoke with her on the phone, as I live across the country in the Midwest.

Cheese Plus is owned by Ray Bair, former director of cheese, wine, and specialty foods for Whole Foods Market.  Ray opened his shop about five years ago, and it is touted as San Francisco’s premier cheese and specialty food source – no mean feat. Although they don’t have an official online storefront, anyone can call and request items shipped. Continue reading


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Praise Cheeses! It’s National Dairy Week…in the UK

We here in America could learn a thing or two from our brothers and sisters across The Pond – at least when it comes to celebrating food. It’s National Dairy Week in Britain where the British Cheese Board strives to raise health benefit awareness toward dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, and good ol’ milk. As stated in a previous post, whole fat cheese can aid in weight loss efforts as well as providing needed calcium for bones. Continue reading

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