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Cheese snuffs out cigarettes at commissaries

Image: Stars and Stripes

An iconic early photos of one of our nation’s military men depicts a war-ridden soldier smirking at the camera with a cigarette dangling precariously from his lips. Soldiers like our tobacco-toting friend were the heroes of their day, America’s role models and protectors.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and the world’s view of smoking has changed dramatically. As it’s no longer cool to take that drag of smoke, soldiers have evidently turned to a new addiction – cheese! According to the government’s Defense Commissary Agency, cheese wedged out cigarettes by over one million dollars in sales over the past year, making it the number one item sold in military commissaries. Why the turn from smokes to Stilton? Good question.
For more on this cheesy victory, check out the article from Karen Jowers of the Navy Times here.

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