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UK Cheese Tour: Lunch!

Besides the castles, the churches, the bagpipes and the cashmere galore, I was most excited to visit the local cheese shops here in Scotland. With all the sheep and cows we passed on the road from Manchester to Edinburgh, I figured there had to be tons of cheesemongers for me to buy from. As it turns out, there are exactly two. Yes, only two, but that was all I needed to make a proper Scottish lunch.

Well, to be honest, I am not sure this is an actual Scottish lunch, but it is the perfect one for me.  From the top, I have a small wedge of Flower Marie, an even smaller wedge of Criffel, Comte AOC, and Landana aged goat’s milk. Paired with some charcuterie and a variety of breads and I am all set.

More on the shops and the cheese later, but for now it’s time to eat.  Praise Cheeses!

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