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Quick Bite: Green Hill from Sweet Grass Dairy

Looking for an all-around accessible treat for your cheese board? Green Hill from Sweet Grass Dairy should be right in your wheelhouse. Cheesemakers Al and Desiree Wehner of Thomasville, Georgia use a New Zealand-style Intense Rotational Grazing method with their cows (the process of moving cows from pasture to pasture over a 24-hour time period), which ensures fresh green grass and happier cows. The resulting 2007 American Cheese Society winner offers a rich, earthy, grassy, buttery flavor and a soft, silky texture. A white, bloomy rind surrounds a bright yellow center caused by the high butterfat, also a result of their grazing practices.

Green Hill is a young cheese, pasteurized and aged about three to six weeks – it has the look of a Brie or Camembert, but that’s where the similarity ends. The mild yet complex taste of this cheese is a complete crowd pleaser. Even those who say they aren’t fans of Brie and Camembert will be pleasantly surprised when they fall in love with Green Hill. Pair it with some apricot compote for a sweet-tart tasty treat and a bright Chardonnay to cut through the richness.

Available year round at most better cheese shops.






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