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Cheesy Etsy Find #2: Proud Poutine

Poutine Kit - Make your own cheese curds. Gravy included.
About five years ago, my boyfriend and I went to Stratford, Ontario for the Shakespeare Festival to get some culture. While strolling the cobblestone streets one evening, we came across a tiny shop called Boomers with a huge line outside. Curious, we asked someone what was going on. “Poutine!” was all they said. I had no clue what this guy was talking about, but my boyfriend got really excited and hopped in line. He explained that poutine, which is Acadian slang for mushy mess,  is a French-Canadian treat made of cheese curds, french fries and gravy, which sounded both really amazing and terribly frightening. He ordered the goat cheese poutine with cracked pepper and basil oil and pestered me until I took a taste. Not being a huge cheese curd fan (the squeak gives me the creeps) I was sure I wouldn’t like it. Oh, how wrong I was. Hot, rich, salty, starchy, slightly sweet from the basil, I was hooked. But barring crossing the border to get this fabulous treat, what can we Americans do? Etsy seller Ella Kinloch has brought us the answer by way of Proud Poutine

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