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Quick Bites: Green Dirt Farm’s Dirt Lover

Green Dirt Farm's Dirt Lover

Green Dirt Farm’s Dirt Lover

For those who are on the fence about sheep’s milk cheeses, Dirt Lover from Green Dirt Farm is the fromage to try. Made in the classic French farmstead style of cheeses similar to  Valencay and Selles-sur-Cher, Dirt Lover has an edible bloomy rind and vegetable ash coating which is visible once the first cut has been made. The black ash boldly stands out against the creamy, ivory paste near the rind then gradually becomes more dense, pale, and crumbly toward the center of the small wheel.

The slightly stiff rind has an earthy, almost mushroom-like flavor followed by the smooth, creamy paste which hits the taste buds with nutty, buttery, lemony tones, then finally ending in salty-sweet crumbles. Each layer is so distinct, yet they work perfectly together. There is a lot happening in this little cheese, yet not so much that it is overpowering or overly intense.

Pairing suggestions range from a glass of Chardonnay or any dry to medium dry white wine to a good fruity craft beer. Salty prosciutto, seasonal berries and some crusty bread and the party is ready to begin. Dirt Lover can be purchased directly from Green Dirt Farm’s website or specialty cheese shops.

Be sure to check out Green Dirt Farm’s website to learn all about Sarah Hoffman and Jacqueline Smith’s Weston Missouri Animal Welfare Approved farm. These ladies are pretty awesome and prove that happy animals produce tasty products.

Stay Cheesy!

Dirt Lover was an American Cheese Society winner recognized for outstanding flavor in 2013











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Painted Goat Farm’s Cinderella: A cheesy fairytale for the tastebuds

Painted Goat Cinderella

I am a sucker for a good fairy tale. As a kid, I would sit for hours under a tree, reading stories by Hans Christian Anderson, and the Brothers Grimm, getting lost in the magic and occasionally frightened by the horror in the tales they spun. Getting older did nothing to dampen my fascination with the genre and I still enjoy curling up with a good cautionary tale of greed, vanity, and the ever-popular Evil Stepmother.  Imagine my delight when I discovered that a fairy godmother in the form of Painted Goat Farm had created a cheesy fable of goodness called Cinderella. Continue reading

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