Cheesemonger in Training

Since losing my job last year (like so many others out here), I have struggled with what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  The proverbial ” What do I want to be when I grow up?” question kept nagging at me.  It finally came to me as I watched my boyfriend live his dream as an automotive journalist.  Do what I love and what I love is CHEESE!!!!

That’s great! What do I do with cheese? How can my love of the fromage be a career? My amazingly smart boyfriend suggested I look into becoming a fromager or cheesemonger.  Sounds like a plan, but how?  After talking to my favorite mongers, they all suggested the same thing…eat lots of cheese.  Sounds simple enough, but how do I make a career out of eating cheese? Well, we shall see!

One response to “Cheesemonger in Training

  1. I have been a cheesemonger for almost 4 years and got into the trade by accident. The best way to learn is eat lots of cheese and read up all over the web. Take the info you find with a pinch of salt and go on what you find the cheese to taste like. Remember that small production cheese always tastes different depending on season, so taste the wheels as they come in and you can recommend according to the flavour today.
    I hope this may have been helpful


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