Mental Floss (with the help of Liz Thorpe) Answer Cheesy Question: Why Do They Dye Cheese Yellow

Every week, the guys and gals at Mental Floss select a question posted by viewers in the dubally do below the video (those are author John Green of MentalflossVlogBrothers words, not mine) and then create a video with the answer, posting it in one of their various Mental Floss subcategories. This past week on the Big Question, Craig Benzine, star of YouTube video series and blog WheezyWaiter answered BtotheRandon’s (online user name of Bridget Kline) question: Why is cheese dyed yellow?

According to cheese consultant, author of “The Cheese Chronicles”, and all-around cheese goddess, Liz Thorpe, it depends on where a person lives.”People’s preference for white versus yellow is mostly cultural. Wisconsin is yellow cheddar territory. Vermont is white cheddar.” Be sure to check out the video above for more about the history of cheese coloring. I know you are dying know the answers…cheesy pun. Couldn’t resist.

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Stay Cheesy!



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