The HM Medley Le Gruyere Grilled Cheese

The HM Medley

The HM Medley

Growing up in Cleveland, I would frequent this family-owned diner called Yours Truly and always order the same thing; a YT Medley. A simple, yet perfect grilled cheese sandwich combination of eggs over easy, American cheese and bacon, griddled inside pita bread and cut into quarters. Since moving to Michigan, I’ve tried to duplicate that sandwich, but something was always missing. I finally gave up trying to copy what I have been missing and came up with my own interpretation. Check out my recipe below.


The HM Medley



2 large eggs

1 large pita

1 tsp fresh Thai basil, finely chopped

2 strips of bacon (pref. not maple bacon)

6 oz Le Gruyère cheese, grated

6 oz Emmentaler cheese, grated

(I used Emmi’s Emmentaler AOC and Le Gruyère AOP which are available in most grocery stores)

Butter, softened

Prep work:

Preheat panini press to medium high. If not using a panini press, try a griddle, cast-iron pan, or even a grill pan. Also preheat a pan for frying the egg.

Cook bacon and break into small pieces. Set aside.

Grate cheese and set aside (grating the cheese helps it melt quicker and more evenly).

Cut pita in half and separate pockets, creating four individual pieces. Butter the back of each piece and set aside.

Fry eggs (little trick: crack each egg into a measuring cup first, then pour egg into the pan to help keep the yolk intact). Set aside.


Sprinkle cheese on a half of pita, enough to cover, and alternating between both Emmentaler and Le Gruyère. Next, place the egg on top of the bed of cheese, sprinkle some bacon pieces, a second layer of cheese, and finally add a pinch of basil to taste. Top with second piece of pita.

Using a spatula, place the sandwich on the panini press and GENTLY lower the top. When the cheese begins to melt around the edges of the sandwich, lift the lid and enjoy!

Recipe makes two sandwiches

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