Cheesy Gift Guide from The House Mouse Part 1 – T-Shirts

Cheesy Christmas t-shirt from

Cheesy Christmas t-shirt from

Happy December 1 and welcome to SHOPPING THUNDERDOME! Yes, my cheesy friends, it’s holiday time and with the miracle of Thanksgivukkah coming so late that means we all have even less time franticly figure out what to get Aunt Fran and Cousin Lou for Festivus! Fear not, my fromage-loving fans, for The House Mouse is here to assist. Since my brilliant surgeon has demanded I take it slow and steady, I am using my time wisely to create a cheesy list of turophile gift ideas to share with all of you. Everything from the straight forward  to the obscure, this list will have just about everything and price ranges from stocking stuffer to YOU MUST REALLY LOVE ME!?

Today’s selections are the ever-popular T-shirts  as I like to call them, cheesewear. This list by no means represents the dozens upon dozens of cheese related shirts I found. this year. These are the highlights:

Take on Cheese shirt from Threadless

Take on Cheese shirt from 

First up and maybe my favorite of the pack is from called Take On Cheese. A funny riff on the 1984 A-ha video that had my friends and I all swooning as teenagers. What 14 year old girl didn’t wish for Morten Harket to come smashing out of their bedroom mirror? Take On Cheese comes in Mens, Women’s, and even IPhone case covers and prints. Starting at $15 bucks on sale, a total steal.

A World United in Cheese from

A World United in Cheese from

Sticking with Threadless, A World United In Cheese is not only a wonderful thought, it’s a pretty awesome t-shirt. As a redhead, I tend to shy away from red clothing, but I would totally rock this shirt. On sale now for $15 bucks as well.

The First Grate from

The First Grate from

Okay, so this one is a bit dark, but I love it. I mean, come on. The cheese looks so happy on the slide/grater, right? The First Grate? Get it? is a really cool website because it allows the buyer to chose not only the design, but the color, fit, and type. A t-shirt in black for Sally, a sweatshirt in pink for Charlie (we don’t judge). Prices vary and are a bit higher than other sites (the 3/4 long sleeve t-shirt above goes for $29.59 plus shipping) but totally worth it for the customization and total badass design. Hint Hint…I can haz? (I wear a Medium, in case you were wondering, Hubby)

Turophile t-shirt from

Turophile t-shirt from

Finally, this shirt is a must for any cheese lover, or Turophile because…well…HELLO! Read it! was brilliant making this design which comes on t-shirts and tanks. Right now they are having a huge 20% sale making it only $28.99 before tax, so grab one before they are gone.  They  have tons of other cheese related logos, but this one really caught my eye.

There are a bunch of other sites out there like, and that make some cool cheese duds, but these were some pretty stand out items to showcase. Check back for Part 2 – Books!

Don’t forget to let The House Mouse know of any awesome cheesy gift finds to share with other readers. Stay Cheesy!


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