Anthony Bourdain and Erik Ripert visit cheese shop Marie-Anne Cantin

Anthony Bourdain arguably has one of the best jobs on earth.  He travels the globe, tastes indigenous cuisine, and is given access to places most of us can only dream of seeing. Bourdain’s job is not for the faint of heart or stomach, and his excursions can sometimes be downright dangerous (see No Reservations, Beirut 2006 , for example) but for the most part, Bourdain is rewarded with fantastic local fare and envy-inspiring experiences.  This would be the case on his recent visit to France when Bourdain and fellow chef, Erik Ripert, dropped in at Marie-Anne Cantin, one of  Paris’s most renowned cheese shops.

Christian Cantin, founder of the Cheese Merchant’s Guild, opened his shop in 1950, providing Parisians with the finest the world of cheese has to offer. Now run by his daughter, Marie-Anne Cantin and her husband, Antoine Dias, the fromageire is known throughout the world as being one of the best. Rumor has it that Julia Child shopped here on a regular basis.

Check out the video below with Bourdain and Ripert visiting the caves. Particularly interesting is Marie-Anne schooling us Americans that sheep’s milk cheese is actually ewe’s milk cheese. Bon Appetit!

Check out video here

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