Daniel Delaney answers the question “What is cheese?”

photo By Tammy Camp

It’s easy to take cheese for granted. To accept it at taste value, as it were, and not question where the whole idea of fermented milk products came from. Thanks to Daniel Delaney, creator and host of the weblog “WTF: What’s this Food” we have the answer.

Delaney began his food career in college, even doing an entire thesis on street food in New York City.  From there, the independent food media producer and entrepreneur created VendrTV, a weekly weblog devoted to the street food of New York and gained national media attention.

As time and tastings went by, Delaney’s interest in food began to broaden beyond street food and he created WTF, a daily weblog exploring all kinds of foods. Anyone can sponsor a segment, with prices increasing by $1 per day. The segments can be viewed at DanielDelaney.com.

After being inundated with cheese questions, Delaney decided to create a sub-series devoted entirely to cheese, cheese making, and even cheese recipes. These episodes are sponsored entirely by Formaticum, makers of fine cheese paper.

Check out the first episode below and be sure to tune in each month for more.

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