Happy Cheesy Valentine’s Day with Couer de Neufchatel

It’s Valentine’s Day! Do you have a gift for that special cheesy somebody? Flowers and candy are fine, but if an impression is what you seek, look no further than your local cheesemonger’s case for some Coeur de Neufchatel.

Almost as old as love itself, Coeur de Neufchatel has been around since the 6th century and got its heart shape from lovesick French farm maidens during the Hundred Year War  who gave their hearts to the fighting soldiers.

This AOC French cheese comes from a Normandie breed of cow, which may not be all sexy and romantic, but it does aide to the unique flavor which any cheese lover will enjoy. Coeur de Neufchatel is crumbly than creamy with a mushroomy flavor that wafts in the mouth without being over powering, although it can be left to age for a more intense taste. Grab a crusty French baguette, some hearty Cabernet, and some tart berries and you have an appetizer for love.

Whatever your plans, have a Happy Cheesy Valentine’s Day!


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4 responses to “Happy Cheesy Valentine’s Day with Couer de Neufchatel

  1. This cheese sounds delicious, and a nice break from the chocolate overload typical of Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to, I think this post would be a great fit for my new blog hop! http://www.favedietsblog.com/announcing-the-first-favediets-blog-hop/


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  3. H Seton

    lucky enough to receive a heart of Coeur de Neufchatel from a loved one.
    Served it to some lucky guest one evening. We presented this flavorful delight on Portugese bread crostini topped off with the addition of a spread of Wickedly Spiked Pear Jam, produced by Lyons Market. Even those that were not so cheesey, loved the combo and came back for seconds. It may have been the wine we served with it; but I think not, the cheese was gone but we still had wine left at the end of the beginning of a wonderful get together
    Hows about that cute little House Mouse


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