Happy National Cheese Lover’s Day! A fond fromage reflection

Happy National Cheese Lover’s Day! Who would have imagined there was a day just for us turophiles? To be honest, I was totally clueless about this splendid holiday until yesterday and not really sure how on e goes about celebrating, besides doing the usual chowing of tons of cheese. I do that every day, so does that make every day cheese lover’s day? While I chomp on that tasty thought, here’s a look back at some of The House Mouse’s favorite cheese loves. Stay Cheesy!

Stinking Bishop

First up on the cheese loves is the ever elusive Stinking Bishop. This stinky goodness took had me searching high and low for years before the helpful folks at Cheese Plus in San Francisco sent me this tasty wedge. Read more about this funky fromage here.

Fuzzy Wheel

Next on the list of tasty treats is this fun and fuzzy fromage, Fuzzy Wheel from Twig Farms. This was a completely random selection sent from Formaggio Kitchen because of it’s fun name. Even though I knew nothing about this cheese, I was happily surprised by its serious flavor. Check out the fuzzy review here.

La Clochette Chevre Affinee was probably the biggest hit at all the holiday parties this past year. A strange chevre yet not chevre cheese made in France rang everyone’s bell at every occasion. Want to make a big impression at a gathering, bring one of these along and watch the reaction. Thanks to my friends at Whole Foods for telling me about this fabulous find. Check out the entire review here.

One of the most beautiful cheeses I have ever had is Beekman 1802 Blaak from those Fabulous Beekman Boys in Sharon Springs, New York. The stark contrast between the black ash rind and stark white interior give a black-tie appeal to any cheeseboard. Warning: watch out for your whites when handling the ash since it does shed a bit. Meet this fabulous cheese here.

Rush Creek Reserve

Last but certainly not least is the newest cheese from Uplands Cheese Company, Rush Creek Reserve. Even more elusive than Stinking Bishop, Rush Creek is almost impossible to get. I was fortunate enough, thanks to Carlos at Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, MI, to get my hands on a couple of wheels. Better still, I was able to sit down with Andy Hatch, creator of this spectacular cheese. See what the humble Andy had to say here.

Whatever the favorites and fabulous finds, I wish all my House Mouse fans a happy National Cheese Lover’s Day! Stay Cheesy!

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  1. All those good looking cheese pictures are making my mouth water. Happy Cheese Day!



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