The House Mouse turns 1 and gets some cheesy gifts for the holidays

It is hard to believe that The House Mouse is a year old this past week. What started out as a hobby and passion for cheese has turned into a fabulous fromage adventure. Thank you all for being so loyal and supportive. I could not have done this without you.

I especially thank my family who have been so encouraging this year, although it could be that they just wanted me bring cheese whenever I visit.  One thing they did notice was my sad state of serving dishes and cheese knives. Well, they sure made up for that this holiday season by showering the mouse with fun fromage toys for the new year. Check out my haul after the jump!


First on the gift pile was this adorable mouse with cheese ornament from my sister-in-law, Christine. It’s so cute, it makes me sad I don’t have a Hanukkah bush to place it on. I think I will be able to find a place for it somewhere in this Mouse House.

Next up from my other sister-in-law, Cathy, and her family this mouse-tastic cheese knife set from Wisteria. How clever are these?

Also from Cathy and family came this beautiful black slate cheeseboard and bronze bread basket for crackers and sliced baguettes.

Brother-in-law Kajo got creative and thought this mouse could handle making cheese at home. Sadly, I didn’t get a photo, but the kits are available at Leeners. Be on the lookout for a future post demonstrating my cheese making skills (or lack there of).


As for the hubby, he was on his game this holiday season and really tapped into this mouse’s wants and needs. First came this porcelain set of cheese markers from Sur La Table. These would have come in handy at the start of the evening since even I forgot what I brought at one point. Even though I have terrible handwriting, I will be using these quite a bit in the coming year.

While this marble cheeseboard with cutter (also from Sur La Table) is pretty and functional, it was actually a decoy to the other present hiding in the box. I am curious how well it works and will be reviewing it in an upcoming post. My history with these kinds of cheese cutters has not been great. Fingers crossed.

And now for the mac (and cheese) daddy of all gifts:

I have been wanting a Nook Color for months and was a happy little mouse to discover this hidden with the cheese cutting board. I have so many cheese books but it is a bit daunting to schlep them around when I travel or just want to do a quick look-up. Now I have them at my fingertips wherever I roam. Not all books are available yet and I urge cheese writers to move toward the e-book format. It makes things so accessible and fun to read.

So, it looks like I was a good little mouse this year and have the goodies to prove it. Be on the lookout for all these items in my upcoming posts for the new year. Wishing all The House Mouse readers a happy, healthy, and most of all, CHEESY NEW YEAR!



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9 responses to “The House Mouse turns 1 and gets some cheesy gifts for the holidays

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  2. Chris

    Wow- you sure could get lost in time with all those cheese things. How in the world will you ever make it to your next appointment if you don’t know what time it is?


  3. Linda Seton

    Happy B-Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Joan Seton

    Happy B-Day to your
    very interesting Blog. Love…Joan


  5. relishtherussian

    Yum! What a great cheese plate!


  6. Awesome shwag! I love the mouse cheese knives.


  7. Gary Rostron

    I would like to purchase the three mouse cheese knives, but this site do not provide cost


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