Cheese Addict? The Science of Fromage Fondness Investigated

As a cheese blogger, I consume quite a bit of fromage for research (and because it’s pretty awesome). When I travel, I spend at least a quarter of my time hunting down local cheese shops and sampling their wares. I am in constant contact with my local cheesemongers to find out when new and seasonal cheeses are available and have them hold me a wedge or two. I do all this because I love cheese the taste of cheese, not because I am addicted. Or am I?

A recent article by Jake Richardson of has uncovered an ongoing study of the addicting properties found in cheese, specifically cow’s milk cheese. The study, conducted by Wellcome Research Laboratories states that trace amounts of morphine can be found in cheese made from cow’s milk, creating a euphoric feeling during consumption. The study also points to the casein, a protein found in milk from cows and used as a binding agent in cheese, that behaves like an opiate, thus fostering an addition to cheese.

The study does not show any link between goat, sheep, or buffalo milk and addiction which leads me question some of the findings. Do cheeses like Beekman 1802 Blaak, which contain both goat and cow’s milk have the same addicting properties as Pleasant Ridge Reserve which is 100% cow’s milk? How much is a “trace” of morphine–and is it really a high enough dosage to cause addiction?

I fully admit to overindulging on cheese from time to time, but I do go days and even weeks without having a single nibble since I do get over-cheesed or bored with my stash. My passion for the curd in no way makes me a candidate for the cheese rehab, it’s just my passion. Are you a cheese addict? Check out the link to the article below and decide for yourself.

Addicted to Cheese? Here’s Why


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3 responses to “Cheese Addict? The Science of Fromage Fondness Investigated

  1. Linda Seton

    Now I know why cheese makes me so happy


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  3. Addicted to cheese? Yes I am!


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