Quick Bite: Cowgirl Creamery Inverness

Tiny tasty tidbits of cheese are a great way to be adventurous without making a full on commitment to the unknown. Not sure about goat’s milk cheese? Try a tiny crottin of chevre. Curious about the infamous Epoisses yet frightened by the funk? Give Trou du Cru a go without worries of funkifying the fridge. Sometimes these little morsels of cheesy goodness have no comparison. Such is the case with Cowgirl Creamery’s Inverness.

Named after the northern California town, Inverness is made with pasteurized cow’s milk and aged a mere three weeks. The soft, bloomy rind covers a complex paste with a texture both crumbly and creamy. Inverness may be small, but the flavor is huge. The surprisingly intense tang grabs hold right on the tip of the tongue and then melts into a pungent earthy flavor. This is not a cheese for the mild at heart since the first bite can be a bit intense.

I honestly liked Inverness yet I am on the fence as to whether I loved it. The fragrance and flavor clashed a bit and was slightly off-putting at first. It may be that my sample was a bit long in the tooth so I will be sure to give it a second chance when I come across it again.

Pairings should be carefully made as the intensity of flavor can clash with a fruity white wine or berry-rich red. A dry red wine and Fuji apple slices would be a safe way to enjoy this cheese.

Right now, I have only seen Inverness available directly from Cowgirl Creamery locations, however if found elsewhere, let us know.

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