Chevre: Not just for the cheese plate

Over the last few years I have come to love and appreciate goat’s milk cheese. From the nutty freshness of Garrotxa to the complex and beautiful Valencay. There are so many varieties of cheese made with goat’s milk and more coming to market all the time, I have no illusions of being able to taste them all. One type has become one of my favorites.

Chevre (pronounced SHEHV, the word for goat in French) can come in a wide range of forms, from soft farmer’s cheeses to fully cured firm varieties. Chevre also runs the flavor gamut, with some retaining a characteristic goaty flavor while other chevres are much more mild and buttery. Whether peppered with bits of dried fruit or infused with herbs, there is a flavor for every palate.

This creamy cheese can be eaten in its purest form on a cracker or slice of baguette, but what else can be done with it? Orange County Register food editor, Cathy Thomas, has some ideas.  In her recent article Bleating heart: 10 things with goat cheese, Ms. Thomas reminisces about her trip to Burgundy, France, a three-legged goat kid named Pink Floyd, and some wonderful alternative uses for chevre. My Jewish friends will appreciate the first option: lox with chevre instead of cream cheese.

On the next trip to the local cheesemonger or local uppity grocer and grab a little log of goat goodness and let the imagination soar…or frollick as it were.

photo taken at Mackenzie Creamery, Stonewall Farm Hiram, Ohio

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  1. Chicken

    I love chevre’s versatility, as well as its ubiquity at better supermarkets. I’m partial to herb-rolled chev, as it spreads really nicely and can really brighten up a cheese plate. It’s also generally inexpensive, so… bonus!


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