How are you celebrating Cheese Sunday?

Happy Cheese Sunday everyone! Don’t know what Cheese Sunday is? Well, neither did I until today. According to the Oxford dictionary it is recognized amongst Greek Orthodox Christians as the last Sunday before Lent on which cheese and eggs may be eaten. It is also known as Forgiveness Sunday.

Forgiveness and cheese…sounds intriuging to say the least. What cheesy self-indulgence can this mouse come up with (even though she is neither Greek or Christian)? I’m sure I can think of a few fromage infused goodies before the day is through.

How will you celebrate Cheese Sunday? Praise Cheeses!


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2 responses to “How are you celebrating Cheese Sunday?

  1. Chicken

    Queso fresco and chihuahua cheese at a buffet-style dinner in Puebla, Mexico for the win!


  2. I can’t believe I missed Cheese Sunday! I will have to make up for it tonight with some cheesy goodness.


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