Time for Timer! Hanker for a hunka cheese!

I remember when I was a kid and those lazy Saturday mornings watching ABC cartoons while scarfing down bacon and eggs, french toast, fried matzo (thank you Dad) or whatever my parents made me. As I got my fill of Lancelot Link Secret Chimp, Johnny Quest and Land of the Lost, the occasional lame PSA announcement would break in and scream at us to eat healthy. Seriously? It’s Saturday and I’m getting a lecture from a crazy yellow blob with legs? Click and it was off to CBS and Bugs Bunny.

Fast forward to present-day and I now appreciate those lectures and wish channels still aired these crazy clips. Encouraging kids to make something from scratch like a wagon wheel of cheese and crackers is more filling and better tasting than these crappy pre-packaged fruit bars or frozen pizza rolls. Now that we are parents, it is up to us to show our kids the joys of healthy foods and yes, cheese is healthy food.

So next Saturday when the kiddies are zoned out in front of the TV with Hannah Montana or iCarly, why not hit the pause button and make some wagon wheels together. Better yet, why not turn off the tube altogether.


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3 responses to “Time for Timer! Hanker for a hunka cheese!

  1. i don’t have kids, but i couldn’t agree more. adults today should learn how to eat better too. maybe we just all need some fun public service announcements like these in our evening news too.


  2. Chicken

    I remember this from back when it aired! I do believe that Timer’s song will now be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, though… argh!


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