Roomano cheese…new favorite treat

I love cheese and I love caramel, but eating the two together doesn’t seem very appealing. That is until I discovered Roomano (not to be confused with Romano) cheese.  This hard Gouda-like cheese from Friesland in the northern part of The Netherlands is a rare treat.  Aged anywhere from three to four years the flavor is beefy and intense without being stinky and overpowering. A hard paste infused with calcium lactate crystals gives Roomano a fantastic texture suitable for grating and cooking as well as an interesting addition to any cheese plate.

What I really like is the deep caramel coloring which mirrors the salty sweet flavor. It reminds me of salted caramel squares left out to harden. Cutting into a wedge of Roomano can be tricky depending on the length of age. The older the wedge, the harder the paste so be prepared to put some back muscle into slicing. To be honest, I just break it off in my hands when not serving it to company. Pair Roomano with a big, bold red wine with fruity tones like Owen Roe Sinister Hand or Layer Cake Malbec or Shiraz.

Roomano is a difficult cheese to find, even in The Netherlands so grab it up when it’s available. Murray’s Cheese has it in stock right now online or in the store. Sold in 1/2 lbs. quantities for $17.99 it’s a bargain. This hearty cheese can live in the fridge for a couple weeks without fear when properly stored.

A great find and a fantastic cheese. Get some soon before I buy it all for myself!

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  1. lsnotes

    When I first saw this, I thought it was a piece of carmel pie. Now I can’t wait to taste it!!!


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