Quarky Olympic cheese cure

I have always said that cheese is the best cure to make a person feel great and it looks as though doctors in Austria agree. When World Cup downhill skiing winner, Lindsey Vonn hyperextended her shin last Tuesday during training, Austrian doctors opted to treat her with Topfen, or Quark as it is commonly known, rather than more conventional treatments. Topfen is a fresh, no-age cheese eaten with fruit like yogurt in many European countries. Vonn was adamant that no x-rays were to be done, but was willing to entertain any other treatment options to get her in tip top form for this winter’s Olympics in Vancouver.  How the cheese is being used for Vonn’s therapy is not really clear.
I am wishing her all the best with her recovery and look forward to learning more about this interesting treatment. Click the link below for more on this story

The Vancouver Sun


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2 responses to “Quarky Olympic cheese cure

  1. Chicken

    How well does that stuff work with cucumber slices?


  2. simmco

    As an avid foodie, I find this blog to be one of the most informative sites for the food curious. The producers of the products and their retail vendors should take note. The folksy enthusiastic reviews of the wide range of not-so-well known cheeses your blog has covered since I first found The House Mouse has certainly been a benefit. I’m sure that I and many others would have never known or thought about buying or visiting some of the places I have read about at The House Mouse. Keep on nibbling.


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