Cheesy ebay contest…What the heck did I buy?

Ebay can be fun and exciting as long as the wallet doesn’t get too strained. While searching for cheesy items (and I don’t mean kitchy) I happened on hundreds of listings for cool stuff.  I love antiques and if they have to do with cheese, well, I’m all in.  Above is a photo of my first fromage find and it wasn’t too expensive. In fact, the shipping cost more than the item! So, here I am with this rockin’ cool wooden Kraft cheese box only to be stymied by my trusty Google and Bing in finding any information regarding how it was used or even when.

And so, dear readers, I turn to you all to help fill in the blanks. If anyone out there knows anything about this item send an email to and the best (and most accurate) answer wins the box and a tip of the hat here on The House Mouse! Good Luck!


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3 responses to “Cheesy ebay contest…What the heck did I buy?

  1. Christina

    Send an e-mail to Kraft’s customer service department. They might be able to help you, or at least direct you.


  2. fuschnickens

    I COULD do that, but it would be cheating and keep someone from winning this cool box!


  3. Chicken

    I would guess that they’re just shipping crates that were also used for store display purposes. That said, they’re nifty and remind me of those mock mini orange crates that I used to store mix tapes and CDs in.

    Q: How big is it? Perhaps the eternal question shouldn’t have been “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” It should’ve been: “Is it bigger than a cheesebox?”


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