Loud praise for Saint Felicien

Someday I hope to eat my way through all the delicious and diverse cheeses of France. Preferably I will do this in France, but for now I must settle for my local cheesemongers to guide me.  I am lucky to have several experienced mongers and the ones at Morgan and York in Ann Arbor, Michigan are some of the best.

On my most recent visit I had a chance to sample Saint Felicien, a soft subtle cheese from the Rhône-Alpes region (also known as caille-doux) and was pleasantly surprised.

Presented in a stone crock with a pale yellow rind, Saint Felicien hides a nutty, pillowy, slightly pungent flavor that is not normally found in a raw cow’s milk cheese.  Best served with berries and sweet nuts. Avoid citrus and sour fruits (I made the mistake of tasting with Granny Smith apples. Trust me, just say no!)

I have heard this cheese is similar to  Saint Marcellin however I have yet to taste it and cannot say for sure.  It is on the French cheese tour so I am sure I will get to it soon. In the meantime, I have a little crock of goodness to satisfy me…for about five more minutes when it will be all gone! Bon Appetit!


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3 responses to “Loud praise for Saint Felicien

  1. Chicken

    That’s a pretty nifty little setup you have there. Is the crock reusable and/or attractive enough for further use? Hope you didn’t pay for it by the pound! 🙂


    • fuschnickens

      The crock is reusable however it is small so I cannot imagine it holding too much. As for price, not gonna lie. It’s not cheap…$15.0o per crock. While that is expensive, it is totally worth it and you get a nifty parting gift when it’s all gone. Someone wrote that they use the crock for change. Perfect for saving pennies to buy the next batch!


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