A small town and a small cheese…both big on character

Ypsilanti, Michigan gets kinda a bum rap. Referred to as the “Brooklyn” to Ann Arbor’s more affluent “Manhattan,” Ypsi (as it is commonly called) has a small population ranging from artsy hipsters to “Ypsitucky” country folk. I personally  like Ypsi, especially the historic downtown area and Depot Town.  The Mayberry-small-town feel, local color, spectacular architecture, and artistic flair makes Ypsi a fun and funky place to hang out.

No surprise that Michigan’s own Zingerman’s created a cheese to honor this tiny yet spry town. The Little Ypsi is Zingerman’s newest crottin. What’s a crottin? Historically, a crottin is a small round of  pasturized goat’s cheese that starts off light and tangy while young, then hardens and becomes stronger and gamier with age.

The Little Ypsi I tasted was in its mid stage with a bit of a hard, yellow rind and cream cheese-like texture underneath.  I really liked the fresh, salty flavor with a bit of a nutty zing (no pun intended) as it warms to room temperature.  Granny Smith apple slices add the perfect balance of tart and sweet on the palate.

Available at Zingerman’s Creamery online or at the store location in Ann Arbor, I recommend giving both The Little Ypsi and its namesake town a visit.

Photo source: Flickr


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5 responses to “A small town and a small cheese…both big on character

  1. Thanks for the great writeup! Go Ypsi!


    • Thanks Mike! I absolutely love Zingerman’s Roadhouse (I actually love every Zingerman’s location) and Terry is the best server ever! That man is a cheese guru. Be sure to check out the article on Zingerman’s cheese board I did with the roasted grapes.


  2. Kristy

    Do you live in/near Ann Arbor?? I recently discovered the joys of Zingerman’s and everything they offer….I especially loved visiting their Creamery and Bakehouse. Yummm. I’m going for a Spanish Cheese Tasting next week and couldnt be more excited! (P.S. I know this is an old post but I recently discovered your blog and am not reading your archives….I love your blog!! I love cheese and I’m just getting into really trying and seeking it out often, so your suggestions are really helpful. Thanks!)


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